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November 27, 2020

Emergency Cash Loans 

We are pleased to know that you inquired about Emergency Cash Loans no credit check because we are currently providing loans with no credit check. Usually, companies that offer credit check loans verify the credit score of applicants. The regular financial institutions often demand a credit check when evaluating a loan borrower. Your credit history within the past seven years is recorded in a file that can be checked by the public.

 If you have missed payments in the past, they are most likely documented and that’s a no-no for a few loan companies. Magic Loan doesn’t believe that a credit score is permanent. So, when you have a bad payment history, a bad credit score should not be used against you specifically when you are in good standing financially at the moment.  

Emergency Cash Loans

We are Magic Loan – Apply for Emergency Cash Loans

We offer short-term financial assistance wherein we provide quick loans or quick cash ranging from $100 – $300 that is payable within 3 months total. We process loan applications at any time instantly since our services are online as well as automated. Also, we don’t perform credit checks on our loan borrowers. So, you don’t have to get worried if you have a bad credit score. Great, isn’t it? Magic Loan can help you when you experience a money shortage and needed them fast. 

Computerized Processing for Emergency Cash Loans

Magic Loan created a process that enables programs or software to be evaluated, accepted, and becomes automatic. Both lenders and the borrower can benefit from this. The computerized processing makes it possible to apply and get an emergency loan anytime as well as reduces company expenses. Furthermore, this gave us the capacity to get bank statements and process money transfer faster to bank accounts facilitated by NPP. 

Emergency Cash Loans – How does it work?

Our smart team of experts took advantage of the strength of machine learning in developing customized applications that can easily identify or assess an applicant’s qualification. Using this modern technology, an in-house credit score can be created that can assess whether to approve or reject an applicant’s loan using the data. Magic Loan only examines bank statements and do not base on the applicant’s credit report on their chance to be given a no credit check loan. 

Emergency Cash no credit Check

Where can you use short-term finance?

Magic Loan’s short-term finance loan also works the same way with other traditional lending companies. The loan can be used for almost everything just like regular money can do. The following are the most common reason why they apply for a loan:

  • Bill payments
  • Rental
  • Birthday gifts
  • Moving charges

Since this is only short-term finance, we only offer a $300 maximum loan limit. This may be a small amount and can’t help you with bigger money requirements matter but we can provide you with an instant solution to your money problems at any time of the day. Also, this is to your advantage since it will be easier for you to repay. 

Payday loans no credit check instant approval

When you need money quickly, the last thing on your mind is going out and earning more. That’s where payday loans come in. They’re quick enough for those who can’t afford to wait days or weeks before getting their next paycheque. Since this type of loan has an approval rate much higher than other methods such as credit cards it can be the most popular option despite the higher interest rates

Emergency cash loans

We all know that an emergency can happen at any time. This is why we offer fast, easy, and affordable cash loans for those moments when you need it most.

What if you urgently need some cash? An emergency loan is what we offer to our customers who find themselves in this situation. With an easy application process and quick approval, it doesn’t take long before your money will be on its way.

No Credit Check Loans for Centrelink Beneficiary

You might be wondering if you can also get a no credit check loan or bad credit loan even if you are receiving benefits from Centrelink. You are lucky because it’s a big YES. Magic Loan is also open to accepting applicants who are beneficiaries of Centrelink. We are open to any types of benefits but this should be paid regularly in your personal bank account.

Emergency Cash Loans No Credit Check

How to Process an Application

1. Check the qualification requirements to get cash loan

Our intention is to assist Australians who are in financial need by providing them a no credit check loan to those who are eligible. To see if you are qualified for a cash loan, here are the eligibility requirements: 

  • You should be 19 years old and above
  • Has regular earnings or income during the last 90 days
  • Can connect to online banking
  • Receives salary through a personal bank account
  • Has a working mobile number and an active email address

If you can comply with all of these, then you can apply for a no credit check loan at Magic Loan!

2.Fill-out the no credit check loan online application form to us

 At Magic Loan, the loan application is fast and easy since our application process of no credit checks and assessments are automated. You save a lot of time and energy when submitting documents and other details because these can now be done online. We will only ask you to provide some personal including financial information as these are needed in processing your cash loan application. 

3. Wait for the result of your loan application

Once you are done, just click the Submit button and your application for no credit checks will be submitted to Magic Loan. Your application will be reviewed to check your earnings, expenses, and some other account factors within minutes. As soon as the process has been accomplished, an email and a text message will be sent to you informing you of the result. 

4. Contract signing

Upon checking your application for no credit check and you qualified, a contract will be sent to you that will be needing your electronic signature. Read the entire content of the contract to ensure that you have understood the binding agreement between you and Magic Loan. After signing the contract, the money will be sent to you right away. It is to your advantage if your bank account is NPP-enabled since money transfer is much faster this way. If not, you can expect to receive your money in at least 1 business day. 

For a quick fix of your money woes, Magic Loan is the best solution. We provide it like it’s magic! If you think you might need our assistance for no credit check, you can contact us today. We will answer all of your questions regarding how we can help you in getting a no credit check loan including our services, and procedures, etc. 

We welcome all Australians who are experiencing financial troubles and have no one to turn to. That situation is the right moment to seek our assistance. Magic Loan is right here to help and solve your problem instantly. Just contact us today and we will assist you right away!    




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