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November 27, 2020

Find No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Australia at MagicLoan

Worried about your bad credit ratings? Concerned over your chances at getting approved for credit because of your poor credit history? Are you taking a step back on plans because you’re afraid you might not get access to the funds you need?

Have you stopped yourself from planning that holiday that you have always wanted to take because you’re worried that your credit record might lead to you getting rejected if you are to take out a personal loan to fund your holiday expenses?

You’re in luck! No credit check loans guaranteed Australia could just be the financing solution that you are looking for.

If you’ve been trying to find lenders that can offer small loans to borrowers despite their less than perfect credit scores, MagicLoan may just be what you’re looking for. Where traditional credit unions, lenders and banks are likely to turn your application down because of the financial missteps you have made in the past, the lenders we work with may be able to offer you loans of up to $10000.

We understand how hard it can be to get access to bad credit loans and many borrowers in this situation usually feel like bearing the full weight of the world on their shoulders. Read on and find out how we are the best choice out there when access to bad credit loans is what you need.

Guaranteed Loan Approval Australia

Which company is the best choice for guaranteed loan approval Australia

You’ll find that while these are certain advantages attached to dealing with certain lending providers, there will always be some downsides as well. When looking for loans for bad credit borrowers, there’s a very good chance you’ll come across adverts screaming guaranteed approval for bad credit borrowers.

While you are likely to gravitate to these types of offers considering how it seems to guarantee that you will be provided the funds you need no matter what, it is actually a red flag. It is a sign that there may be something not quite right with the lender offering the product.

Remember how people usually say that anything that seems way too good to be true probably is?

It is very much the same with guaranteed approval loans. Sure it does seem very reassuring when you hear lenders seemingly offer guaranteed loan approvals, these are the very types of loans you should avoid at all cost. Sending an application to MagicLoan instead is the simpler and safer choice!

Can I get access to personal loans despite my bad credit score?

If you’re worried that you’re the only one having to deal with issues concerning a bad credit score, you’re not alone. Many Australians do share the same predicament as you and just like you, they too share the same sentiment that they might not get approved for credit just because of their bad credit score.

Fortunately, we’re not like any traditional lender. MagicLoan specialises in helping borrowers find lenders that can offer them the type of credit they need no matter their credit score. This means helping you find lenders willing to offer bad credit loans.

When assessing your application, we don’t just focus on your credit score. While credit checks are indeed part of the processes that they will likely carry out to assess your application, it is not the sole basis on whether they should approve it or not.

This means that they will consider a variety of other factors including your spending habits, your income as well as your current financial commitments. This makes it easier for us to ascertain whether or not you can afford the loan. Provided that we are able to get all this done, bad credit history doesn’t have to mean you not getting access to credit at all.

Stay away from no credit check loans guaranteed Australia approval

At MagicLoan, we’re all about finding new and better ways we can help people get access to the extra funds they need as efficiently and as fast. In the past, you would normally have to wait for weeks before you can find out whether or not your personal application was approved. Our team will be there to help you not just find potential loan providers who are willing to lend to bad credit borrowers but also make sure that these are legit providers we are partnering you with.

Having been in the business for quite some time, you can trust us when we say there is no good that will come out of you seeking out lenders that specifically offer guaranteed loan approvals. What you should do instead is to look for lender locators that have been in the market for quite some time and know its ins and outs.

Guaranteed loan approvals are very tempting but refer to us instead. We’re all about finding the right lender while also making sure that you are referring to legit providers and you know what to look for when choosing one— from checking if they hold a valid credit license, doing some much-needed due diligence and also assessing that they are offering you a reasonable loan amount, one that you will not have a hard time paying back later on.

Need access to bad credit loan?

While it can be quite unfortunate to end up with a bad credit rating, it’s something that is likely to happen to almost everybody at some point. But it is something you should not be beating yourself up over. You’ll be surprised how many other Australians are in the same predicament as you. More importantly, this isn’t reason enough to prevent you from applying for loans intended for bad credit borrowers.

At MagicLoan, we couldn’t care less about the missteps you’ve made concerning your finances a few years ago that is now reflected on your credit report. That is in the past and we believe that as time changes, people and their circumstances change as well. There is just no reason that you should continue to suffer from the bad financial decisions you made then.

Along with our partner lenders, we care more about the manner in which you have managed your funds and your debts at present. After all, how you have been faring at present will have more weight among lenders who are willing to offer a bad credit loan to you— and are a way for them to assess whether or not to approve your application.

Do I qualify for bad credit loans with MagicLoan?

Before you can send us an application, you must first meet the eligibility requirements we have set.

To qualify, you must be:

  • No younger than 18 years old
  • A citizen of Australia or at least a permanent resident
  • Reachable via a working phone number or valid email address
  • Receiving a regular income for the last 3 months into a bank account under your name

If you have met all of these requisites, then you are more than welcome to send us an application for a bad credit loan.

What personal information details do you need me much?

Even more good news for you is the fact that we have made our application process easier, quicker and streamlined. This means that we won’t need any unnecessary paper forms and documents from you. We’re all about getting things more convenient for you. All you need to do is make sure to show us the following:

  • Proof of identification— just so we can verify you and get to know you
  • The name of your place of work and its address
  • Your myGov details, if you’re a Centrelink recipient
  • Your online banking information to allow us to check not only your income but also your expenses
  • Reasons you’re applying for a loan

After your application has been submitted, we will then work towards finding lenders offering bad credit loans. What’s even better is that you won’t even have to wait that long to get paired up with a lender.

Instant Approval Loans

Bad credit loans— What are they?

Bad credit loans will be such a lifesaver especially when you’re in a tight financial spot. Do understand, however, that it’s important to identify legit and credible lenders offering bad credit loans from those that are advertising guaranteed approval for bad credit loans.

We don’t want our borrowers to end up in a trap like a guaranteed approval loan which is why we only partner with lenders that offer real bad credit personal loans.

We know too well how stressful things can get when sending in a loan application. This is more so when you’re a borrower with bad credit history. It is for this reason that we have chosen to work with lenders that are known for their flexibility.

These lenders are also realistic and hence will not offer any guaranteed approval for the bad credit loans they offer. This is a sign that they are indeed legitimate and credible so you can feel assured when getting paired with one.

If you’ve been having a tough time getting approved for credit by going the traditional route, here’s a very good chance you are fed up and are just about to give up. Don’t just yet!

We will do our best to look for partner providers that will be more understanding of your plight when offering bad credit loans to you. We aren’t like banks that will get you sanctioned just for the fact that your credit score is less than perfect. The lenders in our network are known for being able to provide legit loans that are intended to meet the needs of real people.

While your credit score is an important matter to us, it isn’t the sole basis on how we decide whether to approve your loan or not. Those missed payments from a few years ago aren’t something we’re going to be hung up on.

What matters to us is the amount that you’re earning now and how well you’re able to manage your income these days with your expenses taken into consideration. Your past credit records are best left to where it is meant to, your past. It shouldn’t keep you from getting access to much-needed finds now via bad credit loans.  

How to apply with MagicLoan

Sending an application via MagicLoan is all online! You won’t need to leave the comforts of home just to send in an application to us. Below, we have detailed the following steps when sending in an online application.

Step 1. Submit your application online for credit loans Australia guaranteed approval

To start your online application, all you have to do is access the loan calculator at the top of the page and pick out the type of loan you’re interested in. After you’re happy with the terms of the loan, just click Apply to get started.

Step 2. We will send your credit loans application to our lenders guaranteed approval

You’ve done the work, now it’s our turn! We will be taking over from here. After we get your application, we will then have it submitted to the lenders in our network. Our team of specialists will see to it that we can find the best lenders to match you with. Once we have found an ideal match for the type of loan you need, we will then get you connected with them.

Step 3. Read the contract and review it

If we successfully get you matched with a lender, an electronic copy of the loan contract will then be sent to you. Make sure to read its content and review everything before approving it. Always pay close attention to what the terms and conditions say before approving the contract. Make sure that you understand the charges, and fees involved and what are the penalties in the event that you pay late. Only affix your e-signature when you’re happy with every single detail.

Step 4. Get your cash!

Expect the new lender to get your funds transferred straight to your nominated bank account. If you have an Osko or NPP enabled bank, you may get the funds in your account in just an hour. If not, then expect the payment to be transferred overnight or on the next business day. If the payments have been sent beyond business hours then it may take one day more to get transferred to your account.

Bad credit loans explained

Bad credit loans are intended for people whose credit ratings are less than stellar. Compared to traditional lenders and banks that are likely to turn down a loan application from a borrower with a less than perfect credit history, MagicLoan works with a network of online lenders that don’t consider credit score as the end all be all when deciding whether or not to approve a loan application. Our lender partners will not punish you for past financial transgressions. Instead, their loans are tailored to meet the needs of real people.

Securing a loan when your credit is bad seems next to impossible. But there are lenders out there who would be willing to offer you one. While it is true that these types of loans can be such a lifesaver when times are tough, you shouldn’t forgo doing some much-needed due diligence to ensure that you’re dealing with reliable lenders and that they can offer the type of loan that is ideal for what you need.

At MagicLoan, however, you can trust that the lenders we are in partnership with are known for offering real personal loans that will be ideal for borrowers with bad credit ratings.

Costs associated with personal loan or bad credit loans

At MagicLoan, we’re all about making promises we can actually keep. Since we are a lender locator and not an actual lender, we will not make any promise guaranteeing the approval of your loan application. We can, however, help you get connected with the right lenders that can potentially offer the most ideal bad credit loan for your present need, we could even help with short term loans with low interest rates

Still, we always advise our borrowers to take the time to read their respective loan contracts and to pay close attention to the details. This is essential since the document will likely include relevant details concerning the loan costs.

You can also access the MagicLoan loan calculator as it can be a handy tool that will help you learn more about the costs involved with personal loans.

Why should I apply at MagicLoan?

Customers across Australia take advantage of our lender locator platform to help them find the right lenders with the right loans every day. We appreciate the feedback they provide us considering how much they appreciate the streamlined loan application process. Below are just some of the many reasons that it is worth sending a bad credit loan application to us:

  • Our loan application process is quick and easy and can be easily completed within a few minutes.
  • You can send in your application without having to leave the comforts of home as it is 100% online.
  • There is no paperwork for you to fill out and no documents that need sending. The supporting documents we require can be sent to us in digital format.
  • After we get your application, we can get you connected with the right lenders fast.

Regardless of how your loan application turns out, trust that we will get the outcome delivered fast. This means you will not be left wondering for weeks to find out exactly how you have fared.

Quick and streamlined service that does not beat around the bush— this is the service you can expect from MagicLoan.

Ready to send in your application?

If you’re hoping to get as much help and guidance as you can in going through the whole process of finding the best loan providers that can afford quick approval to borrowers with bad credit, then we are the best choice there is!

Just to make sure you’re caught up in the most important details, you can send in your online application to us anytime if you are at least 18 years old, you’re an Australian citizen, you have a working phone number or a valid email address and you have a source of income.

Also, always remember to steer clear from lenders that offer guaranteed approval. Just send in your application to us and we will make sure to find the most suitable provider for the type of loan you need, regardless of your bad credit history.  

Never let unexpected money issues to stress you out or even prevent you from pushing through with your plans. Apply with MagicLoan today and we’ll do the best we can to locate a lender for you.