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Payday Loans 


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November 27, 2020

Short Term Loans

Our 2018 data reveals that we’ve lent an average of $812 which borrowers used for a wide range of purposes— from emergency home repairs to booking long-awaited holidays.

Payday loans aren’t exactly something most people or the public would intentionally seek out. It’s a fact that these two words haven’t really earned that good a reputation over the years. Ask anybody out there about the first thing they think of when it comes to payday loans and they are likely to associate it with hidden fees, gangsters.

Loan-sharks and the dreaded ever-changing loan conditions and terms that will leave any borrower or people in an even worse condition than before he took out the loan.

Loans- Short term or Payday Loans – Get money fast

The payday loans we offer at MagicLoan are nothing like the ones people tend to associate the term with. In fact, we offer exactly the opposite. The fees attached to our short term loans are upfront and transparent. Our years of experience in the industry further assure our borrowers that we have been doing things right from the get-go.

Payday Loans

Payday loans explained

There are several other terms this type of loan is known. Some payday lenders offer this as a payday advance, small-dollar loan, emergency cash loan among others.

The loan is fast and mainly known for being heavily reliant on the borrower’s employment records or previous payroll. However, if one were to take away the usual negative connotation attached to this loan, it is really just any type of short loan- term or cash loan out there.

They are often considered by borrowers who suddenly found themselves in some financial emergency, needing a fast and quick cash boost that will at least help them get by until the end of the month when they will be getting their pay.

What payday loan does MagicLoan offer?

At MagicLoan, we always take the time to check the current state of your finances before we determine how much is a comfortable loan amount for you. This means taking a look at all the incomes you are getting on a monthly basis as well as taking into account your regular expenses.

This means taking a look at payslips you have been issued for the past few months to currently verify and process things. However, we have streamlined our pressure to make this as hassle-free application for you as possible.

To give you a better idea of the types of loans or any finance you can take advantage of, you can refer to the following information for a fast comparison of the loans available at MagicLoan.

Small Loan
 Loanable amount of $300 to $2000
 An establishment fee that 20% of the total loan amount
 Loan costs of 20% of the total loan amount plus 4% of the loan amount every month
 Loan term is between 62 days and 9 months, depending on the loan length

Medium Loan
 Loanable amount of $2050-$5000
 $400 establishment fee
 Loan cost of $400 for the application fee plus 47.6158% per annum
 Loan term varies from 62 days- 22 months

Note that both the Small and medium loans feature super fast approval and funds transfer application. Provided that your loan is confirmed before 4:30 on a regular banking day, you should receive your funds within 1 hour.

Is the MagicLoan Small Loan a payday loan?

Yes! This unsecured loan is a payday loan, cash loan and term loan- short. Though this loan tends to be called within different names, but they refer to the same thing. This is a loan you can take out for those situations where you need a quick cash injection for situations you haven’t anticipated.

 Transparency is something we really take pride in and this is how things are as far as our loan costs go. Small loans range between $300 and $2000 and terms can span up to 3 months or 62 days.
 We process our loans fast. The same is true for loan approval and fund transfers to your bank account. Provided that your loan application got confirmed on a regular banking day before it closes at 4:30 pm, then expect to get access to your funds within just 60 minutes.
 Borrowers can also take advantage of our Member area online. This allows you to just log in and check the status of your loan and find out such details as when your next payment due is. It is also a good tool to keep track of your loan payment plan.
 Just because we offer fast loans doesn’t mean that we will not have the time to chat and talk to you when needed. Customer care is something we never make compromises on. It doesn’t matter what type of loan you are interested in, you can easily get in touch with us any time. Our Australia-based call centre will be more than happy to answer your call and address whatever issues and concerns you may have regarding our services.

Is a MagicLoan Medium Loan a payday loan?

Yes! However, there may be slight differences with a bad credit loan

 This loan allows many borrowers to apply and get access to a significantly larger loan amount eligibility. Borrowers have the option to take out $2050-$5000 directly transfer to your bank account.
 Considering that the loan or debt involves a much larger amount, this will give you a much longer term for repaying the principal amount and interest. Similar to the other smaller loans, you have the choice to consider and select a repayment term and quote that will be ideal for your needs and your budget. Loan terms can be as long as 22 months but will vary depending on your specific circumstances.
 You get to access the Member area online where you can manage your repayment and keep yourself up to date with where your loan repayment stands.

Short Term Loans

How do I apply for a Payday loan?

Applying for a payday loan is easier than you think. We have designed the application process this way and streamlined it to ensure that applying will be hassle-free. You can choose to send in your application from any device— be it your mobile phone, your tablet or your laptop. Just follow these steps:

Step 1 After you have taken the time to research the different loans or credit at LendBubble, compare and decide which one is it you wish to take out. Consider how much you will want to borrow too and determine what repayment term will be most ideal for you, given your current financial situation. Then, login and get started!

Step 2 There will be basic questions that you will be required to answer. This is designed to gather some of your financial and personal information. Expect to get asked questions concerning your identity, your expenses as well as your regular income, among others.

Step 3 After your details have been successfully verified, you may be able to get an answer in just a matter of minutes. Once approved, the amount you borrowed will then be deposited directly to your bank account through bank transfer. You will also likely get access to the money in an hour or less, provided that your loan got confirmed before the end of the business day, before 4:30 pm AEST.

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