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November 27, 2020

Are you in need of a loan?

In this time, where everything is fast and even times just available at a click, the most convenient option for most of our needs is right available online. This goes the same way in acquiring short term loans.

With that in mind, magicloan.com.au is your reliable go-to partner. We have made your acquiring of an instant cash loan convenient for you.

Who is Magic Loan?

Magic loan is one of Australia’s fastest-growing online brokers. Here in Australia, we will be your lending partner that will ensure you get the help you need in order for you to get your short term loan. You can avail of up to $10,000.00 with a payment scheme ranging from 6 to 24 months. We have friendly loan specialists who cater to hundreds of Australians each day to see to it that they get the best loan offer that they can avail of.

Above all this commitment of providing Australians a good experience in lending short term loans, we are also committed as brokers to be responsible. With this, we comply with all the important and necessary state and federal legislation and regularities. You can trust that you get from us the best outcome. Let us provide you with more information on how you can enjoy the best short term loans in the country.

Short Term Payday Loans

What are short term loans?

Short term loans are defined as, short term loans. These are small loans whose payment scheme runs from 6 months to 24 months and the loan amount granted can be up to $10,000.00. Those whose loans are granted pay through installments in-line with the day they are paid. If you are in a situation where you are in need of quick cash with loan amounts from $300 to $10,000 just go to MagicLoan. You will need not worry anymore whether there’s an emergency or anything financial you would need to settle.

Can I get a short term loan if I have bad credit?

MagicLoan is more focused on how your current finances stand. This way we can see how you can pay the loan you’re currently applying for. A lot of Aussies cringe when they come across the term “credit check” and this is in reference to bad credit they had in the past. As long as you have a solid financial history, there would not be a problem to it.

We at MagicLoan work, not just with good credit standing but as well as those with bad credit as well as we believe that a bad credit score does not provide the lendee’s story.

Can I get a short term loan with no credit check?

A lot of lenders available online now will entice you and tell you that they will not perform credit checks. And if you come across these too good to be true offers then it most probably is. In order for your short term loan to be processed right from the first time, deal with a broker that adheres to the code of responsible lending. This is the commitment of MagicLoan through conducting credit checks on short term loan applications.

Can I get a short term loan if I’m on Centrelink?

Yes because we believe that it should be for all Australians to have equal opportunities and with this we encourage all eligible Aussies to submit their application. If your loan repayments fits with your Centrelink income then your chance of getting approved is good. Our team takes care of understanding your financial situation and assessing it to match you with a loan. Although this does not mean that you are guaranteed to get a loan, we see to it that you get a fair and just assessment.

How do I repay my loan?

With MagicLoan, lendees payments are set up with direct debit. Your repayments are debited out of your account automatically. The dates set up are outlined in your contract and are set up to match your pay cycle. This way, your repayments are a thing that you need not worry about. We also have a customer portal that lets you make payments and if ever an issue about it arises, you can contact MagicLoan for assistance.

Do you do short-term business loans?

MagicLoan does not offer short term business loans.

The short term loans we offer are fit for personal use. However, for short term business loans, these are quick loans that are supplied by lenders to businesses in order for them to use it on unexpected costs such as in the case of emergency repairs. With an approved short term loan, you can use the money if an opportunity arises that can be a good investment. Our short term loans can start at a minimum of $5,000. Because the loans that we provide are short term loans, this needs to be to an actual person and not a business entity. Other lenders may be able to provide you with this service if the target is for your business.

Who can apply for short term loans?

There is a list of criteria that an applicant needs to meet, to qualify for eligibility, kindly see the list below:

  •         18 years old or above;
  •         An Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  •        Currently, be receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for the last 3 months;
  •         With an active Australian mobile number and email address;
  •         Have internet banking set up.

If you meet this criteria, then you’re eligible to apply for a short term loan!

What information do I need to provide?

Our application process is quick and easy! Which means there is no needed documents and paper forms, fill out required important personal and financial details as seen below:

100 points of ID (name, D.O.B., etc.)

  •         Contact Information
  •         Loan Purpose
  •         Internet Banking details
  •         Your MyGov account details [if you receive Centrelink benefits]
  •         Employment details and employer contact information

There is no need for you to worry about providing your banking information. Our team from MagicLoan will obtain a read-only copy of your bank statements in order to identify and get an idea of your spending habits, income and existing financial commitments so we can tell whether or not you have the capacity to pay a personal loan.

Online Short Term Loans

How do I apply for short term loans?

Sending to MagicLoan your application is like opening your social media app, it’s that simple and 100% online. All you need is your basic information then you can start anytime. Below you can see a step by step information on how you can go about this:

Step one: Apply online for term loans-short

To start, open our loan calculator then input the amount you wish to apply for. Identify as well the repayment duration you’d like to set up for your short term loan, this is the number of months that the loan you applied for would be paid back by you. Once the loan terms are in place just click the Apply button and you’d be set. Easy.

Step two: We’ll assess you application to the best lender

The next step would be on us, you have done your part. The moment we receive your application, our team will go through the information within the application you submitted and assess the details. All you would need to do is sit back and wait while the assessment is in process.

Step three: Review and sign your contract for term loans

Once the team from MagicLoan finishes the assessment of your application, we will match you with an emergency cash loan. You will receive from the team and electronic copy of a loan contract designed for you then all you need to do is go over it and sign. We strongly advise that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly in order for you to know of any fees and charges if ever you won’t be able to make payments on time. When everything is to your satisfaction, send it back in with your electronic signature.

 Step four: Get your cash!

Once we receive the signed copy of your loan contract, a fund transfer will be made to your account. If your bank is NPP-enabled, your cash will reflect on your account in just a minute*. This is done if your contract is signed before the close of business.

*If approved, we mostly transfer the funds into the bank account you provided immediately. This can take as little as 60 seconds depending on your bank. You can read more on this instant banking feature here.

What can a short term loan cover?

Short term loans can be used for a number of purposes that’s why there are a number of things to be considered when you get yourself a short term loan as there are so many lenders providing you with so many different packages, this can get pretty overwhelming. Here at MagicLoan, we make sure you can see all details and that you know everything you would need to know.

 Since these short term loans are personal loans, this is connected to any personal expenses you might want to direct the funds to. You can view below the list of uses that some of our MagicLoan customers have used their loan for:

                   MagicLoan                   Loan Term            Loan Amount

  •         Car Registration Loans     6 months              $500
  •         Rental Bond Loan             9 months            $1,500
  •         Holiday Loan                   13 months            $3,000
  •         Wedding Loans                24 months           $5,000

Why choose MagicLoan?

Despite the fact that there are so many available online lenders, MagicLoan should be your go-to for short term loans. In times of financial need, it is understandable you would like to go to a reliable and trustworthy broker that gives you fast outcomes and even faster payouts. Below are a few reasons why MagicLoan is the short term loan broker that you can go to:

MagicLoan’s application process is quick and immediate. Applications may be approved or rejected in just a minute.

Looking for a personal loan even with bad credit? MagicLoan conducts credit check but you can still apply as we may still be able to help you with your short term loan despite having bad credit. MagicLoan understands that bad credit from the past does not define you and believes in giving second chances.

Ready to apply?

If you have reached this far in reading the details of MagicLoan we hope that this helps in providing your informed decision whether you would like to take on a short term loan. For further information that you would like to get cleared about you can check our FAQ page or send us a message here.

MagicLoan has provided solutions to many a number of Aussie applicants who are satisfied with our services. Thus making us one of the best short term brokers in the country.

Wait no more and click the Apply button right at top and experience that financial aid and security that MagicLoan can provide you with.

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