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November 27, 2020

Loans for Centrelink Customers

If you are a Centrelink recipient, you can borrow a maximum of $10,000 and that amount will be directly deposited into your bank account. Repayment terms can vary from 16 days up to a year.

At first glance, a payday loan might look like an easy and quick fix for whatever emergency financial woes you are dealing with. However, it does come at a cost with high fees being attached. Read on to find out more about it and what to expect if you should decide to take out instant cash loans on Centrelink.

Need access to extra funds and you’re currently receiving Centrelink payments? It’s your lucky day. We work with a variety of lenders who happen to look at Centrelink benefits as just another source of income that qualifies for a loan. This means that the lenders in our network may allow you to choose from the three types of loans that are available for those borrowers that are currently on Centrelink.

This includes:

 A small unsecured loan of $300-$2000
 A medium secured loan of $2001-$4600
 A large secured loan of $5000-$10000

This means that whatever type of loan you need, we at MagicLoan may just find you the right lenders and quote that can get your loan request approved and get your funds deposited direct to your bank account. Consider us your new financing best friend as we offer Jobseeker support, Family Tax A & B, Disability income, Youth allowance, and Carers income among others.

Centrelink Loans

Centrelink Loans or Pension Loans— What exactly are they?

Centrelink loans are an option that people on Centrelink benefits can go for if they ever find themselves in need of credit. In some cases, some people call this loan an age pension cash loan. It is a personal loan and it is generally available from $300-$10000 in most cases.


How do Centrelink loans work— A step by step guide to people

Interested in how the loan application process works? Here are some easy to follow steps for you.

Check your eligibility

You need to be of proper age before you can take out a loan and in this case, you should be no younger than 18. In addition, you will need to be receiving regular income for at least the last 3 months. Your income should be received through your bank account. It is important that you are an Australian citizen and you will need to have a valid email address or a working phone so reaching out to you regarding the status of your application will be easy.

Apply online for instant cash

It’s easy to apply for an instant cash loan. Just go through our secure and streamlined application process so we can then get your application sent to the lenders within our network who happen to offer the types of loans, you are interested in and qualified for.

Attach an asset to secure the loan if taking out a larger amount

If you intend to take out a large loan amount— say $2000 or more, you may be required to secure it with an asset.

Get loan approval within 60 minutes

Once your loan gets approved, the lender will get in touch with you via phone, email, or SMS. The funds will then be directly deposited to the bank account you have nominated in your application within the next 24 hours.

benefit loans

Loans for Centrelink recipients

Worried about your almost empty wallet? You can easily change that by taking out one of the supersized loans offered by some of the leading lenders in Australia. We will search from our trusted panel of lenders to find the most competitive Centrelink loans same day!

What are Centrelink loans?

Centrelink loans for jobseekers comes with a variety of names. Many refer to them as loans intended for Centrelink recipients, salary loan, payday advance, small-dollar loan, payroll loan, cash advance loan, or short term loan. No matter what the loan term though, it is a small loan that is unsecured and paid within a short term. The loan also doesn’t exclusively mean getting repaid by being linked to the payday of the borrower.

Centrelink Loans

Centrelink loans are one way to get the money you need, without taking out a loan from a traditional bank

A lot of people have questions about this type of financial assistance so we’re going over what they do and why it might be worth looking into.

The Australian government provides financial assistance to those who need it through Centrelink Loans. Qualified applicants can a $1,500 Centrelink loan  without any interest charges or late fees if they are claiming Centrelink benefits

Emergency Cash Loans

We all know the feeling of not having enough money in your bank account, and that’s why we created Emergency Cash Loans. With an easy application process (in as little time possible), you can get funds deposited directly into your or someone else’s account within 24 hours.

Our service gives people who are struggling with their finances access to emergency lending solutions so they don’t have long gaps between pay days because it only takes minutes before approval is granted when applying online today.

What if you needed money and didn’t have any options? The emergency cash loan is a lifesaver, especially for those who are in an urgent situation. It can be used towards anything from unexpected medical bills to personal debts like credit cards or student loans; we offer flexible repayment plans as well.

Loans on centrelink

What are payday loans?

These loans are generally taken out by borrowers to help them make ends meet until they will get their next paycheque. It is also referred to as a short term loan. Loans to payday are most useful for those people that need quick access to small sums of money and want to get the amount paid off within a short time. As the loan name implies, the amount will need to get paid off on your next payday. 

Centrelink income loans

In need of a Centrelink loan but worried that receiving Centrelink benefits as your main source of income might get you rejected? Just send in your application today via MagicLoan and expect a quick decision. The lenders within our network will accept Centrelink as your main source of income when reviewing your application.

Financial challenges are something that almost everybody encounters at some point in their lives. This is especially true for those leading an average lifestyle. It could be due to emergencies where unforeseen expenses arise and one doesn’t have enough saved up in his bank account to cover the expected costs.

This could come in different forms too, such as a sudden job loss, an emergency car repair, or even an emergency medical condition. While most people would readily turn to friends and family in the hopes that somebody within this circle who is in a better financial standing can bail them out, there may be instances when they cannot offer the financial support you require for situations like these, the most ideal route to relieve you of such a financial dilemma is to take out a short term cash loan.

Centrelink loan application

If you’re not confident about qualifying for a loan or a credit, it doesn’t hurt to contact any potential lender to ask ahead of time what their specific loan requisites are. This is a good chance for you to determine whether or not you have a full grasp of the fees and other costs attached to the amount you intend to borrow. You can also use this chance to assess whether these costs are actually worth it.

A potential lender is also able to evaluate your current situation before you send in a credit application. What’s even better is that they can give suggestions and advice so you’re not just better prepared for the application process but that your chances of getting approved will be considerably higher as well.

It’s also important to not skip the terms and conditions and to make sure that you have a good grasp of what they stipulate. With this, you know exactly what you’re getting into before signing up for any type of cash advance.

Low Income Loans

Additional information on Centrelink payments and loans

Centrelink loans should be considered as a means to get access to funds for people with low income and are currently receiving benefits from Centrelink. Your qualification for this type of loan will rely heavily on whether or not a lender considers it as a regular form of income. If you have bad credit and you need access to cash and are on Centrelink, you may want to consider going this route too.

These loans are also an option for people that need Centrelink loans and are currently receiving Centrelink payments. Centrelink loans or pension loans are ideal for low-income borrowers.  You may be eligible to take out a payday loan even if you want to one on Centrelink payments.

The type of loan you’ll be offered will depend on whether or not your lender of choice happens to consider Centrelink as a regular income. Consider applying for this loan too in comparison when you need access to fast cash and your credit is bad if you are getting Centrelink benefits.

The Centrelink Master Program or Centrelink is overseen by the Department of Human Services or DHS. It aims to extend financial assistance to Australians from a variety of financial situations. They offer benefits that are aimed at assisting those recipients in the lower-income bracket to make things easier for them when experiencing transitional periods in life.

These benefits are especially aimed at the unemployed, financially struggling families as well as the unemployed. Even indigenous Aussie and disabled people are also under the program.

There are always going to be situations when you will need extra cash, especially if you’re earning barely enough, to begin with. Individuals in these situations, especially those that are relying mainly on Centrelink benefits may find things even doubly difficult.

People like these who are earning a significantly lower-income that need instant cash will usually find it hard to get approved for credit. If you happen to find yourself in the same situation, what’s the best thing you can do?

Centrelink FAQs

How do I reach Centrelink

You can get in touch with Centrelink by visiting any of their social branches or via social, phone or email.

Why is my Centrelink online account suspended?

There are a number of reasons that your online Centrelink application is suspended. For instance, you may have failed to comply with their terms of use, you are ineligible, or if you engaged in any unauthorised transactions. However, if you believe that your account was incorrectly suspended, make sure to contact Centrelink as soon as possible.

Is it possible to take out an online loan when I’m on Centrelink?

There are lenders that are more than happy to approve loan applications of borrowers on Centrelink. However, before approving the credit application, they will first take into consideration the benefits you are getting and what specific total of your income will be considered in qualifying for the loan.

If you’re on Centrelink benefits and unemployed, always consider alternatives before taking out a loan. In most cases, taking out a small amount isn’t always the ideal solution for your financial woes.

You can always connect with the DHS to see if you can potentially take an advance on the Centrelink benefits you are receiving. Checking out the MoneySmart website by ASIC is also advised to give you a better idea of how credit works as well as other pointers to help you make informed decisions.

How can MagicLoan help?

MagicLoan is a lender locator that functions by getting the borrower’s information matched with potential lenders. All you have to do is send in an application and things one application will give you access to a variety of lenders offering a wide range of lending products and services to applicants.

However, going for bad credit loans isn’t always a good choice. Short term loans will cost you more and will likely not be ideal for your current financial state. This is the reason that MagicLoan recommends that you consider other alternatives such as the ones discussed above.

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